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Mr. Right-Now
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Dawson walked over to stand beside her. “Do you want
to go to the bar for a drink?”

Kate hesitated. The bar was certainly much more
intimate than the restaurant, so it would be the perfect
place to carry on what they’d been doing underneath
the table earlier. That would certainly be fun, but if she
was really going to do this, why waste time in the bar?
She caught her lower lip between her teeth, then tilted
her head a little to the side and gave him what she
hoped was a sexy look.

“Or we could just go up to your room and raid the mini-
bar instead,” she suggested softly.

Dawson’s golden eyes went molten. “Even better.”

Holy crap, she’d done it. She’d just propositioned a guy
for sex. Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite that blatant, but it was obvious Dawson knew exactly
what she meant. She felt so proud of herself she almost did a little cheer right there.

His room was on the fourth floor just like hers, but because the elevator stopped on every floor in
between to let people on and off, it seemed to take forever to get there. Now that Kate had made the
decision to sleep with him, she was impatient to get his clothes off and see if he was as well built as
she thought. Being in the close confines of the elevator only made her hotter for him. By the time
they got to his floor, she was ready to push him up against the wall and get busy right there. She
actually might have done it, too, if she wasn’t afraid they’d get arrested for public indecency. She
almost laughed. Wow, she was better at being naughty than she’d thought.

His hotel room was an exact replica of hers, right down to the fireplace and hot tub. It was the king-
size bed against the wall that caught and held her attention, however. As she took in the fluffy pillows
and white goose down comforter, she pictured herself rolling around on it with Dawson, their naked
bodies entwined as they engaged in hot, sweaty sex. Just the idea started a really nice purr between
her legs.

“The mini bar is probably pretty limited, but I’m sure we can find something,” Dawson said as he
tossed his key card on the dresser. “What can I get you?”

Images of her and Dawson still running through her head, Kate turned to face him. She couldn’t
believe she was actually going to go through with this. Before she could change her mind, she set
her purse down on the bedside table and walked over to loop her arms around his neck. She hadn’t
realized how tall he was downstairs, but now she had to tilt her head back to look up at him.

“Maybe we should forget about having a drink and test out the mattress instead,” she suggested
softly. “I hear they’re very comfortable.”

Surprise flickered in his eyes for a moment, but he rested his hands lightly on her hips all the same.
“Kate Gentry, are you seducing me?”

“I might be,” she admitted. “But only if it’s working.”

He chuckled. “Oh, it’s definitely working.”

She smiled up at him. “Then in that case, I’m definitely seducing you. I figured since we’re both
obviously attracted to each other, we should hook up for the weekend.”

She tried to make the words sound casual, but inside, her heart was pounding like crazy. She didn’t
know if it was from excitement or nerves, though. Maybe it was a little of both. She’d never actually
seduced a man like this. And the words, “hook up for the weekend,” had certainly never, ever come
out of her mouth before.

He lifted a brow. “Hook up? As in casual sex, no strings attached?”

Clearly, he was way more familiar with this type of thing than she was. She nodded. “Exactly. Once
the weekend is over, we get on the ferry and go our separate ways. No muss, no fuss.”

He pulled her closer, his mouth curving into a sexy grin. “That works for me.”

She should have tried this whole seduction thing long before this. She was better at it than she’d
thought. Kate didn’t reply, but instead leaned in and kissed him.
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4 Cherries from Whipped Cream!

"Mr. Right-Now is a wickedly hot story with oodles of sexual heat. Author
Paige Tyler has created two super-sexy characters that are both passionate
and adventurous, and each of their encounters is more sizzling than the one
before. the writing is fantastic, and the pace never slows. You get heat, you
get heart, and you get a wonderful story. This is definitely something erotica
fans will enjoy, but also includes enough heart for those who expect a touch
of romance.

Be sure to put Mr. Right-Now on your TBR list!"

                                                                                      - Fern
Seriously Reviewed Calls it a Book You Can't Put Down!

"Sexy! Ok so when you read a story sometimes you get the feeling that you
have read it before, even though I have seen a few come through lately with
the same, "Always a bridesmaid" theme, I have to say that it didn't spoil
this story.

Sexy banter, Verbal foreplay, sex in public...and an ending that makes it
worth it. I have read other work by this author and have to say that this
story didn't disappoint. Good job Ms
4.5 Ribbons from Romance Junkies!

"The common adage “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” just took on a
decidedly steamy new outlook in Page Tyler’s MR. RIGHT-NOW. Ms. Tyler
does a wonderful job building up the story line while moving things along
at a nice pace and the details she drops about the surroundings are quite
lovely. She also knows how to deliver sizzling goodness with intriguing
characters. Paige creates a great male lead with Dawson. He is a charming,
all-American guy, yet he has an adventurous, somewhat dominant, nature
under the surface. Kate was also likable. I understood her ideals for the
perfect man and her reservations for swaying from her personal rules.  I
recommend it as a must read for those looking for a lighter romance with a
dose of heat!"

                                                             - Pamela Denise