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Karleigh's Cowboys
Beauty must have sensed Karleigh the moment she
walked into the barn because the mare whinnied in
greeting at her. Lips curving into a smile, Karleigh
took a sugar cube from the basket and held it out to
the horse. The mare gently took the treat from
Karleigh’s outstretched palm, then nuzzled her
hand affectionately. Karleigh ran her hand over the
mare’s silky chestnut coat with sigh. On the other
side of the barn, Loverboy and Highwayman stuck
their heads out of their stalls to look longingly at
the female horse. Compared to Beauty’s love life,
hers didn’t seem nearly as complicated, Karleigh
thought. If she was careful and did some strategic
planning, she could keep seeing both Holden and
Mav without either of them finding out. How hard
could it be?

The sound of the door opening interrupted her
before she could answer that question. Startled, she turned to see Holden and Mav walking
into the barn. Her stomach did a crazy little backflip at the sight of them. It should be illegal
to be in a room with two guys this gorgeous.

Mav gave her a grin. “Where were you hiding all day?”

Had it been that obvious? Karleigh ran her hands down the front of her short, silk robe. She
wished she’d worn something a little less revealing, but she hadn’t expected anyone to be on
the ranch. Not that it would have mattered. Both men were undressing her with their eyes
anyway. Heat pooled between her thighs, and she stifled a moan.

“I went shopping with Heather in Colorado Springs,” she said.

Holden hooked his thumbs in his belt, his fingers resting lightly on the big buckle. Karleigh
heard somewhere that when a man did that, it meant he was thinking about sex.

“Mav said you two went for a ride and a picnic yesterday.”

Oh crap. She reached up to nervously tuck her long, blonde hair behind her ear. “Um, yeah.”

“You know,” Holden continued. “You should have told me you liked anal sex. We could have
tried it out the other night.”

Double crap.

Karleigh stared at Mav in shock, unable to believe he’d told Holden they’d slept together. But
why wouldn’t he? Mav had no idea she’d wanted to keep it a secret.

She tensed, bracing herself for the anger she was sure was headed her way, but to her
surprise—and relief—neither man looked angry. In fact, they were grinning.

She looked from one to the other. “You’re not mad?

“Why would we be mad?” Holden asked.

She thought it would have been obvious. “Because I slept with both of you.”

“Oh. That.” Mav chuckled. “You’re a whole lot of filly. We don’t mind sharing you.”

She blinked. “You don’t?”

His dark eyes took on that smolder she was coming to recognize. “As long as we do it at the
same time. Or more precisely, do you at the same time.” He slanted Holden a glance. “Isn’t
that right?”

Holden’s grin broadened. “That’s right.”

Her eyes went wide. “You mean, like a threesome?”

Mav nodded. “Unless you’re not comfortable with that.”

Karleigh chewed on her lower lip thoughtfully. She’d never had a threesome, but the chance
to have sex with two incredibly hot guys was too good to pass up.

She looked at them from beneath lowered lashes, her heart beating a little faster. “I didn’t say

“So, what are you saying?” Holden asked.

“Just that I’ve never actually had sex with two men before,” she said. “But I’m all about trying
new things. Especially when they sound like they’re going to be so much fun.”

Mav’s dark eyes flared. “Is that a yes?”

She gave them a sultry smile. “It’s most definitely a yes.”

He grinned. “We were hoping you’d say that.”

Karleigh wasn’t sure what the rules were when it came to having a threesome—or even if
there were any. Fortunately, Holden and Mav seemed to know exactly what to do because
they immediately walked over to her. She waited expectantly to see which of them would take
the lead when Holden pulled her into his arms and kissed her. She looped her arms around
his neck, her lips parting as his tongue took possession of hers. His erection bulged in his
jeans and rubbed against her tummy, telling her how turned on he already was.

His hands went to the belt on her robe, giving it a tug. As it fell open, Mav stepped up behind
her, slipping off the garment and leaving her naked. Being sandwiched between two rock-
hard male bodies made her pussy purr, and she moaned against Holden’s mouth. He slid his
hands in her hair, gently tilting her head back while Mav pressed his mouth to the curve of
her neck. Two sets of hands roamed over her body, caressing her everywhere. She tried to
focus on who was touching where, but she lost track. After a while, it felt like she had a dozen
hands touching her body, not just four. And it felt damn good.

When hands finally buried themselves in her hair again, she decided that must be Holden.
Which meant Mav was cupping her breasts. As he rolled her hard nipples between his fingers,
his cock pressed against her ass, straining at the material of his jeans. The reminder of how
delicious he’d felt inside her asshole made her moan, and she rotated her hips in invitation,
silently letting him know she wouldn’t mind him doing it again.

Holden made enough room so Mav could slide his hand down her stomach to find her clit in
the downy curls between her thighs. While he began making circles around the sensitive
nub, Holden took over massaging her breasts. He rubbed the pad of his thumb over her
nipples before giving each of them a firm squeeze. Being touched in both places at once made
the sensations that much more intense, and she let out an audible sigh as Holden pulled his
mouth away to trail kisses down her neck.

Behind her, Mav brushed her ear with his lips. “Does this feel good?”
His breath was warm and moist against her skin, and she shivered. “Mm-hmm.”

“Would you like us to make you come like this?” Holden asked.

The way they were touching her was making it difficult to think, much less speak. “Us?”

Taking one hand from her breast, he slowly glided it down her stomach to join Mav’s between
her legs. Ah, so that was what he’d meant.