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And The Ranch
Hand Makes Three
Blaine showed up promptly at eight that night.
Having spent the rest of the afternoon and most
of the evening thinking about what she had
planned, Heather was already turned on as hell
and only barely restrained herself from jumping
him the minute Clint let him in. But the
anticipation only made what all three of them
were about to do even sexier.

Heather greeted him with a long, slow kiss,
then smiled pulled away to smile up at him.
“Ready to demonstrate some more of those
talents I witnessed today, sugar?”

He grinned. “Yes, ma’am.”
Pulse quickening, she took Blaine’s hand and led him down the hallway,
stopping in front of a door at the far end. Clint followed, his dark eyes glinting
with excitement. Giving the men a sultry look, she opened the door and led the
way down the steps to the part of the house she and Clint affectionately called
the “playroom.” The comfortable couch, plasma TV and king-size bed wouldn’t
have looked out of place in any finished basement. The spanking implements
and bondage gear, on the other hand, most assuredly would. As would the
expensive leather saddle sitting on a stand to one side of the room.

Heather turned to see Blaine’s reaction to the sex toys, and found him regarding
them with a mix of surprise and intrigue. There was a small smile playing around
the corners of his lips, too. As if he was already thinking about which of those
toys he’d like to try out. Her pulse quickened.

Unlike last night, Clint was going to participate instead of simply watching, so
Heather wasn’t surprised when he took the lead. Coming over to her, he circled
behind to wrap his arms around her waist. His erection pressed up against her
ass, hard and throbbing inside his jeans, and she felt her pussy spasm in
response. Pushing her long hair to one side, he pressed a kiss to the curve of her
neck. His free hand found the knot on the sash of her short robe, deftly untying
it. She was naked underneath the garment and when it fell open, he ran his
hand up her midriff to cup her breast.

On the other side of the room, Blaine devoured them with his eyes as Clint
teased her nipple with one hand while cupping her sex with the other. Heather
licked her lips, turned on as much from Blaine watching them as she was from
Clint touching her.

Her husband brushed her ear with his lips, his breath blowing shivers across
her. “Time to mount up, babe.”

At the command, Heather slipped her robe off her shoulders and walked over to
the saddle. Putting one foot in the stirrup, she gracefully swung her other leg
over the side. But instead of sitting down on the saddle like she would if she
were riding a horse, though, she leaned forward so that the upper half of her
body was on the seat. The position forced her to arch her back, which put her
bare ass up in the air and her pussy on display for the men. It also put her clit in
perfect contact with on the cantle, and she couldn’t help griding against the
leather as she made herself comfortable. Then she wrapped her hands around
the saddle horn and gave the two men a come-and-get-me look over her shoulder.

Clint walked past her and over to the shelf with the bondage gear. Well, one of
the shelves, anyway. She already knew what he was getting, but her heart still
beat wildly when she saw him pick up the rubber bit gag. Not only did the horse-
style bit go hand-in-hand with the equine theme, but it always got her aroused
as hell.

When Cint offered the gag to her, Heather obediently opened her mouth so he
could put it between her teeth. A quiver went though her as he buckled the gag
behind her neck, and she let out a little whimper. When he was done, he ran his
hand down her back and over the curve of her derriere to tease her exposed
pussy with his fingers. She lifted her bottom higher, silently begging for more,
only to be rewarded with a hard smack on the ass.

Startled, she squealed against the gag.

Her husband chuckled wickedly. “Your pussy will get plenty of attention after
Blaine and I tan this gorgeous ass of yours.”

Blaine. She’d been so caught up in what Clint was doing she forgot the ranch
hand was there.

She turned her head to glance at him, and caught her breath. Dang, if he didn’t
look like he’d just like to eat her right up. And dang, if she didn’t want him to.
After her spanking, of course.

Heather held her breath as Clint surveyed the spanking implements hanging on
the wall. There were paddles of every shape, size and thickness, as well as straps,
floggers and riding crops, so he had a lot to choose from. He must have wanted to
keep with the equine theme because he picked the black riding crop with the
loop on the end. She trembled just from the thought of him using it on her.

Clint glanced at Blaine, then jerked his head at the remaining spanking
implements on the wall. “Take your pick.”

Blaine’s eyes locked with Heather’s for a moment before he walked over to
browse the selection. He spent a long time considering the paddles, even taking
a few of the wood ones off their hooks to smack them experimentally against his
hand, but in the end, he decided on a strap. Two inches wide and made of supple
leather, it was one of her favorite things to get spanked with.

Clint crossed the room to stand beside her, where he flicked the slapper at the
tip of the crop against his jean-clad leg. Heather blinked up at him expectantly.

“Ready for your spanking, babe?”

She nodded, mumbling around the gag as she presented her ass even higher in
the air.