© 2012 Paige Tyler
Book Six in the SWAT Series

Remy Boudreaux is glad to be back in his hometown of New Orleans, prowling the French Quarter with his buddies from the Dallas SWAT team. NOLA's as
sultry and tantalizing as he remembers. And so is Triana Bellamy, his beautiful high school crush.

Remy has kept his distance from women ever since his partner—and first love—was killed on the job. But his resolution is challenged when he gets close to
Triana and they are drawn into danger. When her dead father's mysterious wolf pendant surfaces, Triana may have to face some shocking secrets about
herself—and who Remy has become. And with a hurricane bearing down from the Gulf...

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Releasing June 6, 2017
Excerpt                                                                                                                                                                                                              © Paige Tyler, 2017

“There you are,” Gemma said, coming out from behind the counter to give him a hug. “I was worried that if you didn’t get here soon, Triana would primp until
she passed out. That girl has been working it in front of that mirror upstairs for nearly two hours.”

“Mom!” Triana scolded from the top of the stairs. “Don’t tell him that.”

Gemma laughed, her dark eyes dancing as Triana started down the steps. “Why not? I’m just subtly letting Remy know how much effort you put into this date,
so he makes sure to properly show his appreciation.”

Remy laughed, but the moment Triana’s bare legs came into view on the staircase, her smooth, light-brown skin flexing as she carefully descended each step
in her heels, the sound caught in his throat. The sight of her in the flowing, yellow, sleeveless dress was enough to ramp his heart rate up to the danger zone.
Combined with her long, wavy hair, smoky makeup, and flowery perfume that accentuated her natural scent, the complete package was almost enough to make
his heart stop beating altogether. Damn, damn, and double damn! Right then he was as sure as heaven above that he’d never met another woman as
beautiful as Triana Bellamy.

She held his gaze as she sidled over to him, her head cocked to one side, the tip of her tongue just touching the center of her upper lip. All at once, her heart
sped up and her body put off the most delicious aroma on the planet. It was the same scent of arousal that had surrounded her last night as they’d kissed. The
mere hint of it made him go hard in his jeans. The idea of saying the hell with dinner and heading straight for “dessert” was suddenly the only thing he could
think about. His fingers itched to scoop her up and carry her back upstairs. He might have done it too, if Gemma hadn’t spoken.

“Cold shower, anyone?” she asked, a knowing smile curving her lips.

Triana blushed. “Mom!”

Gemma only laughed as she went behind the counter.

Even though Triana still smelled as delectable as before, her mother’s words had achieved their desired effect. The trance Remy had been in was broken, and
while he was still aroused as all hell, at least he was back in control. Another minute and he would have been panting.

Remy took a deep breath, then cautiously walked over to Triana, moving slowly to make sure he wouldn’t go all wolf and jump on her. Fortunately, while his
hard-on definitely seemed to approve of getting closer to the object of its affection, nothing crazy happened.

Unable to resist touching her, he ran his fingers down her arm. “You ready for dinner?”

Triana nodded, casually intertwining her fingers with his. Remy stifled a groan. Damn, even that simple touch felt good. A little voice in the back of his head
suggested his intense reaction to something as vanilla as holding hands probably meant something significant, but he shoved it back in the cluttered closet of
his mind, and it shut up.

“Definitely,” Triana said, completely missing the fact that he was temporarily caught up in a distracting internal dialogue. “I’m starving.”

He motioned toward the door. “After you,” he said, enjoying the way her hips swayed as she walked in front of him.

“Good night, Mom,” Triana said over her shoulder as Remy opened the door for her. “I’ll probably be out late, so you don’t need to wait up.”

Gemma laughed. “Have fun you two.”

Triana’s hand found Remy’s again as soon as they were out on the sidewalk, and he tugged her a little closer, so he could enjoy the way their arms brushed
against each other as they walked. Neither of them said anything for a while, instead simply enjoying the pleasure of being in each other’s company.
Considering how keyed up he’d been just a few minutes ago, it was kind of amazing how relaxed he was now that he was with Triana. Sexually aroused, yes,
but pretty chill other than that.

“The weather is so perfect tonight,” she finally said. “It’s hard to believe that stupid storm is still out there in the Gulf.”

“Tell me about it,” Remy said. “I checked the weather before coming to pick you up. Ophelia barely moved more than a mile today and the so-called experts still
don’t have any idea whether it will keep moving toward Texas or turn toward Louisiana. At least it’s not getting any stronger, which is good. But as far was
where it will make landfall, they’re pretty much in wait-and-see mode.”

Triana smiled at him. “Well, at least we know she’s not coming this way tonight, so there’s nothing to get in the way of our dinner date.”

He paused midstride to lean in for a quick kiss that ended up being not all that quick as he got a taste of her lips. His cock hardened even more at the slight
hint of her tongue, and he had to remind himself that they were on a public street. If the hadn’t been, he might have been tempted to pin her up against the
nearest wall and go exploring under that flowing, yellow dress.

“Absolutely nothing to get in the way of our dinner date,” he agreed after pulling away to get his breath back.

They walked along again in silence for another block or so until Triana spoke. “Speaking of dinner, are we going anywhere in particular?”

“I made reservations for us at Muriel’s, if that’s okay with you?”

She gave him a sidelong glance. “I’m not going to complain if you want to take me to Muriel’s, but you know we don’t have to go somewhere that fancy, right?”

He smiled. “I know. But I thought since this is kind of a reunion dinner, it should be kind of special. Like you.”

Triana’s lips curved. “Remy Boudreaux, you got all smooth on me in your absence, didn’t you? You realize flattery really will get you everywhere, don’t you?”

He chuckled and nudged her shoulder with his. “Promises, promises.”

“Actually, it is a promise. But I think you already knew that.”

Remy felt his jeans tighten uncomfortably and his heart rate climb back up at the heat in her gaze. Damn, she was going to drive him insane before they even
made it to dinner.
“Those waiting for Remy’s story won’t be disappointed when the sexy Cajun finds his perfect mate in
his hometown of New Orleans — their chemistry is scorching hot.” - 4 Stars, RT Book Reviews

"A little change of scenery--this time sultry NOLA-- but all the sexy alpha werewolf deliciousness
you'd expect from Tyler. Wolf Hunt was full of action, heat, romance and an oh-so-lickable werewolf
or two. Tyler writes a damn yummy alpha werewolf that'll make your heart race and leave you
panting for more. Wolf Hunt was a wolfish good time." - Herding Cats and Burning Soup

"Completely in Paige Tyler style, this one was yet again funny, fastpaced and with the change of
scenery, refreshing. And did I mention full of yummy hot werewolves?!" - Next Books Around the

"Talk about your brooding, alpha male/werewolf! Tyler's writing keeps the chemistry burning bright
between Remy and Triana while getting the readers blood pumping with the action intense,
suspense filled plot." - Tome Tender

"Every page of this book was terrific. There's action, there romantic heat and there's the fellowship
of the pack which I absolutely adored. I just loved everything about Wolf Hunt." - Red Hot and Blue
"The same wit and brisk pace that I’ve come to love about the SWAT series. Paige Tyler has fast become THE author I go to when I want a bit of the
paranormal to go with a steamy romance" - I Smell Sheep

"I loved it, and can’t wait for the next one." - Reading in Pajamas

"I was drawn in from the very beginning and it was hard to put the book down. I look forward to see what happens when the next pack member finds “The
One.” - Read Your Writes

"Can't wait to see what's coming next!" - SnS Reviews